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Summer Visitors

How has your summer been going? Summers are crazy here in Alaska. Even though we have long days, the time just flies. For most Alaskans, it is a very busy time to knock out those projects we planned during the long winters. We also have many visitors - both human and wildlife.

On Mother's Day we enjoyed seeing the return of the Martens. Many show up and squabble over the nesting boxes but eventually sort it out and lay eggs.

One pair nested in my clothes dryer vent so I was hanging up my laundry to dry all around the house for two months! At last the chicks fledged and left with their parents to migrate South. It's so great to use the clothes dryer again!

Nine young squirrels got re-homed in July to better digs deeper into the woods where they will live more safely than near humans.

Around the first of August the Lord blessed us with a surprise visitor. We noticed a rabbit in the yard! Soon there were two. We named them Rusty and Rosie. Soon we had at least eleven additional bunnies hopping around the property. The owls came visiting at night and we have seven bunnies at last count. Three blacks, one blonde, and a few brown ones hopping around tasting the weeds. I think Rosie may have another litter soon. Mom shares her garden kale with the bunnies and they are really spoiled on pea vines and garden scraps. I am happy because they love eating weeds and have been munching them down daily. They also seem to have taken up residence, so maybe my weed pulling days are over, lol.

During July we also get a few moose visitors. Cows with calves walk by as they teach their babies where to browse for the good stuff.

When the berries ripen the local bears pass through the yard every September checking for the last of the last. I don't get pictures of them as they visit at night while I am sleeping. Thank You, LORD! They have already come and gone with the last raspberries in their tummies.

As our weather changes to rain and Fall temps. I realize that I haven’t made a post since Spring. My apologies to everyone who follows this blog. I will try to get writing again.

Praising our Promise-keeping God today Who is faithful and kind. We lack for nothing earthly and our spirits are high with expectation that we will be spending eternity with Jesus, thanks only to our faith in Him as our Redeemer. Even if our bodies weaken He provides healing along with excellent doctors and medical help. Thank you Lord! Many times this summer I reflected on the goodness of our Heavenly Father as I worked in the garden or canned vegetables in the kitchen. The abundance of the Lord far exceeds our needs so we can share with our neighbors. I thank Him, praise Him, and GLORIFY HIM again!

Winter is around the corner and it is my pleasure to use the time to post more about Jesus and share His gospel. Do you know Jesus? He is knocking at the door. Have you invited Him in? Now is the time! Your relationship with Jesus is the most important one you will ever establish in this life. Do not miss your opportunity to spend eternity with Him, please. Just ask Jesus to forgive your sins, and invite Him into your heart. Accept God's plan for your life, and He will change YOU by His LOVE!

The LORD is close to all who call on Him, yes, to all who call on Him in truth. He grants the desires of those who fear Him; He hears their cries for help and rescues them. ~ Psalm 145:18-19

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