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Winter Visitors

It always cheers me up when the Cedar Waxwings appear in the middle of winter. They come for the leftover red berries on the Mountain Ash. My heart is lifted to see them, knowing that it is a sign that winter's back is broken. The Winter Solstice is past, and we are gaining daylight again. Only 3 more months of winter left. Thank You LORD!

Do you have a favorite event of the winter season? How about sharing it in the comments?

I live in Alaska and our winters here can be gloomy at times. These little birds promise life despite the cold. How does God do it? I don't know, but He created all animals of the northern hemisphere to survive harsh climates - weather that we humans can barely survive artificially.

Thank you for noticing this little post about the Cedar Waxwings who visit my yard each winter. God bless you, whatever your winter is like right now!

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