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What’s In Your Wallet?

I was searching through a box of old photos and noticed my dad’s wallet nestled down between photo albums.

“What’s in Your Wallet, Dad?” I wondered, as I gingerly picked it up and looked inside.

It’s been decades since I last explored the contents of his wallet; and frankly, I had never been able to get past the family photo contents without tearing up and closing it. But on this day, I slid my finger behind his old driver’s license and pulled out this card:

Dad’s Witness Card

It stopped me for a second… “Good for you, Dad! Ever the Lord’s witness, you carried this gospel tract in your wallet. How many times did you pull out your wallet and show this witness card to someone?”

Now, forty years later, I believe that God wanted me to notice Dad’s wallet and be curious enough to investigate further. This side of Heaven, I will never know; but as we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus this Sunday, I’m sharing this card. A Living Hope has been tucked away in Dad’s wallet for half a century… safe, and preserved… and I am thankful for the opportunity to shed light and ask, "What’s in Your Wallet?"

“Thank you, Lord, for the mysterious and wondrous workings of Your Holy Spirit and how You move so powerfully and purposefully throughout the earth to bring the hearts of men back to you. Woo us, Father God, through the Good News that Jesus loved us so much; that He gave His life for our redemption and broke free of the bonds of death – giving us A Living Hope. Stir us up and revive us again, Lord, to proclaim Your Gift of Grace, Jesus Our Messiah, to the world. In His Matchless, Powerful Name, Amen.”

So where is A Living Hope now?

In my wallet, of course.

Listen to this post on The Fragrance of Christ Podcast episode "2022 - New Beginnings Part 7!"


Tribute to Good News Publishers for its tracts publishing ministry. I was unable to determine if the publisher at Westchester, Illinois, is the same one as the Good News Publishers of Wheaton, Illinois, that later published the ESV Bible. Here is a link to the history of the founders of that great tracts publishing ministry at

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