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Hosanna in the Highest! Jesus Enters Jerusalem

For it is recorded in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 11, that Jesus enters Jerusalem to celebrate Passover, riding on a donkey's colt. The scene is a huge spectacle. The crowd welcomes Jesus as their king who will liberate the Jews from Roman occupation and rule David's kingdom. Yet Jesus is here to fulfill prophecy; the Messiah sent by God to bring salvation to God's people; the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. He is The Anointed One, their Liberator and Redeemer. But more importantly, Jesus is here to become The Lamb slain for their Passover.

As the people sing and cry out, "HOSANNA; BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!" They carpet the road ahead of Jesus with their garments and tree branches as a show of support (verses 8-9).

The mood is crazy and electrifying. Jesus is their Miracle Worker; their Prophet; Teacher; and desperate Hope for a better future; a life of freedom to worship their God without Roman restrictions; freedom to live without oppression and persecution for practicing their faith in Jehovah, the one true God. Jesus is the answer to their prayers! Yet, no one seems to realize that this humble prophet riding a donkey foal will soon be crucified as a traitor to Rome AND Israel.

Jesus has truly come in the Name of the I AM. He has arrived to redeem mankind as promised by the prophets of a Holy Covenant-Making Father God. He is not here to vanquish political rivals, take back the promised land, or set up a new kingdom as other earthly kings have done in the past.

God's Kingdom is Heavenly; not earthly. It is not dark and depressing but bathed in eternal light. And Jesus is that Light. No, the people do not understand that in a few days, all of their hopes for a new king will be shattered when Jesus is put to death. Tragically, they do not recognize Jesus as their Promised One, the Messiah.

Jesus and His disciples spend the night in Bethany and the next day they enter the city. Jesus visits the temple and goes into a rage against the money lenders, who are cheating the worshippers inside the temple. He tips over their tables. Jesus up-ends the seats of temple sellers of doves and sacrifices, yelling,

Is it not written, MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED OF ALL NATIONS A HOUSE OF PRAYER? But ye have made it a DEN OF THIEVES. ~ Mark 11:17

Jesus teaches many other parables plus God's commandments to the people, to the scribes, pharisees, and Romans in the few remaining days before His crucifixion. The time has come; the die is cast. Our King has Come! Hosanna in the Highest! Jesus has entered Jerusalem and His visit is world changing.

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